Labuan Hati (2017)

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Nonton Labuan Hati (2017) Full Movie Online; story about three women which differ in backgrounds and life but has the same common issue: love

Bia, mother of one daughter, comes to Komodo for solitude. Her suitcase is full of clothes from upscale designers, as well as self development books that actually he had memorized by rote. He chose the island because of longing for an alternative world under the sea. Bia has not dive for a long time. Since giving birth to her child, she even stopped going to the sea. Indi, has a fiance who interpret that love is commitment. She has a couple of dives in Komodo. That sea which she chose as her final dive spot before marriage. Maria, a free diver from the coast of North Sulawesi, is working at a resort on the island Sebayur, as a tour guide for the last year. Since abandoned by his boyfriend two years ago, Maria always put the blame on her body. According to her, that’s the reason why her boyfriend had an affair and left her. Labuan Bajo is the meeting place for Bia, Indi, and Maria. For seven days, six nights they live in the boat. Participate in their boats, a diving instructor named Mahesa. He participated in the board because Indi and Bia need assistance for diving. In a short time the relationship of the three women develops from friendship, camaraderie, until the cold war to become number one in the eyes of a Mahesa.

Labuan Hati (2017)

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