Dearest (2014)

Dearest (2014)

Aug. 27, 2014HK. CN. N/A
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Peter Chan



Drawing on remarkable true stories, Peter Chan delivers a moving drama about child abduction in China. Huang Bo stars as a father whose young son disappears in the streets of a big city. He sets out on a search across China, stopping at nothing to find him. In this star-studded cast, Zhao Wei plays the role of a mother from a poor rural area.

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Original title親愛的
IMDb Rating7.7 1,097 votes
TMDb Rating7.4 24 votes

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  • MelindaSeptember 15, 2015Reply

    The movie’s first half was very touching. The audience really feel for the parents whose children were kidnapped. Mainland China needs to do more to help find the children who were sold. It was the true story from one of the real life characters in the movie: a toddler boy was taken from a crowded street, kicking and crying, being forced into a van. Bystanders watched, but no one interfered (perhaps did not realize it was a kidnapping). Hope this movie awakes the public with large number of kidnapping cases. Hope it alerts the public to report or help prevent the crime.

    The second half of the movie is confusing. It lost its focus. It stirred up too much sympathy for the ignorant village woman who brought up a boy (kidnapped by her deceased husband), and a girl (claimed to be an abandoned child by the same deceased kidnapper husband). Her kindness toward the children was overrated, and her pain of losing them were elaborated. The overrated sympathy toward her does not help the already very few public report about suspicious “adoption” in China. Tens of thousands biological parents whose children were kidnapped should be the main theme of this movie, instead of an ignorant village woman who blindly believed in her husband. Had she taken the kids to local police station to get a DNA test, at least the boy would have been reunited with real parents, and it would spare them a great deal of pain.

    Any market is made up by both buyers and sellers. To eliminate the human trafficking market, both buyers and sellers have to be punished by law. Strongly support China passing the law that punish the children buyers. The act of illegal adopting or buying children should be punished by law as conspiracy of child traficking.

    The legal adoption procedure must include DNA test. There must be a nationalwise DNA database for missing children. The Chinese government must establish the system to eliminate the human traficking market all together.

    電影《親愛的》上半部實在感人. 失去骨肉的痛苦表現地淋漓盡致. 全中國都應該同情親生父母, 大力舉報拐賣兒童的案例. 絕不能冷漠無情, 袖手旁觀. 中國真實案例: 小孩在鬧市區眾目睽睽之下, 連踢帶哭被人販子塞上車,竟無人幹預. 也許沒想到是偷小孩。這種不警惕的社會現象, 希望藉助這影片得以減少.

    下半部焦點錯亂. 喧賓奪主. 對收養被拐小孩的人過於同情, 會降低已經少而又少的對被拐兒童的舉報. 成千上萬被拐兒童的父母, 才應該是此片的主旋律. 如果不是這農婦的無知和對自己丈夫的盲目相信, 把孩子送公安局查一下DNA, 孩子老早就送回去了. 免去親生父母多少痛苦.

    任何市場都是由買賣雙方組成的. 沒有買方, 就沒有賣方. 要想徹底清除兒童買賣這個市場, 必須從買賣雙方同時下手. 堅決支持”買方入刑”. 非法收養或購買來路不明的小孩子, 這個行為本身就是拐騙兒童的”同謀罪”.

    強烈建議收養程序包括DNA 檢查,健全失踪兒童DNA 數據庫。從制度上徹底粉碎兒童買賣這個市場。

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